CCN Sunrise

We had so many events lately, we were very busy! We all know that when summer is approaching, it’s like everything comes to life! And people in our Irvine, CA know it best ;). But one of the events was a very special one. I was invited to a CCN, the local TV network, to do a segment on Sunrise. Cool, isn’t it? I thought so!

So what to do, what should I prepare, I wondered. And then I had this idea: you can never fail with Tropical Salad and Scallops! Seared scallops, lime beurre blanc, mango salsa, over wild arugula. Fresh, tasty, exquisite. Everyone on the set loved it and I was happy.

Wondering already when it will air? It’s on Sunday, May 22 at 5am on KVMD. Here is a link to help you find the channel.

Hasta la vista and….