Our Food

Can you make special menus for people with dietary restrictions?

We can cater to people with dietary restrictions. In the first interview we tend to ask if the people going to the event have any dietary restrictions.

What if I have no idea what I want?

This happens sometimes and we first find out your likes and dislikes. We ask if there are some specific dishes that you like and we work with that information to create a menu that you may like. If you have any suggestions or tweaks we make the menu work to your likings.

What types of foods do you offer?

We are able to cater to every type of food desired. Any types of foods you would like we can do and we add a creative twist to it.

Our Service

Are servers offered in the cost?

Servers are extra depending on what type of meal you would like and how many people you will be having. For sit down dinners there will be a a greater number of servers than a buffet dinner.

Could you drop off the food for us to serve it?

We are sorry to disappoint you, but AlexaCuisine is a full service operation. We put a lot of effort an love into our menus, our food and our service and we like to make sure that our work is presented and served by our trained chefs and servers.

Could you provide staff to serve food that we have purchased from other vendors?

AlexaCuisine is a full service operation. As such we only provide servers and staff to serve on events in which we also prepare the food.

Do I really need to hire servers?

At least one server is needed at every event, however there is usually two or three depending on the number of guests. Servers assist the chef in assembly and presentation. They are also required in order to let the chef concentrate on cooking. Depending on the type of meal you may need more or less servers.

Do you guys cook at the site of the event?

We typically do a lot of the prep work at our kitchens and then assemble at the site. We do cook most of the main courses and such that need to be heated and cooked right before service.

Does your company help with renting of supplies?

We provide any equipment needed to serve the food such as chaffers, platters, as well as disposable ware at no extra charge. However if you need china, silverware, linens, tables, etc, we can recommend rental companies for you to use.

How much time are you available on site?

We offer 5 hours of our time on site and then any time after that will be billed as extra costs.

What is the maximum number of guests you cater to?

We specialize in parties of 12 to 100 guests.